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Top 3 E-learning Things We Are Looking Forward To in 2018

Michael Darden

When you work with technology as closely as we all do, new updates are always highly anticipated. Whether you look forward to a more seamless product or tool, an increase in speed or efficiency, or just a new look and feel, we all like new stuff. As we enter the New Year, here are 3 updates or trends we here at IAC are looking forward to in 2018…

1) Lectora adding a timeline feature

In 2017 Trivantis added some nice features to Lectora that make it easier to set up events timed with audio. As members of the Lectora Advisory Board and having attended the Lectora Users Conference in 2017, we know some additional exciting enhancements are coming. This is why we’re so excited that a timeline may soon be implemented in Lectora. While we aren’t sure what a Lectora timeline would look like (although we did get a thrilling sneak peek at LUC17) and exactly how it might function, we are certain it will align with Trivantis’ renewed focus on usability and authoring efficiency. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you up to date on this potential game changer.

2) Articulate 360 updates

Articulate 360 is one of our favorite authoring tools here at Interactive Advantage and one of the most commnly used around the world. Who better to explain the excitement around expected updates to the tool in 2018 than one of our own Senior Developers.

“Articulate 360 subscribers were certainly spoiled in 2017. The year brought us a wealth of resources and assets, as well as entirely-new features like closed captioning for ADA Section 508 Compliance. It was certainly an exciting year, and we are eagerly awaiting new product and feature updates in the new year.” – Eddie Javor, Senior Developer/Graphic Artist

3) The re-emergence of collaborative authoring tools

A few years back, collaborative authoring tools seemed to be the next great thing. We developers are a mobile bunch and any chance we get to work remotely is welcome. A centralized environment where we can collaborate, design, discuss, and store our e-learning courses and assets sounded like a great idea. Unfortunately, it never really took off for most organizations like it could have and we believe that it might just have been too much too soon. However, we are excited that companies like Trivantis, easygenerator and dominKnow have recognized that now is the right time to re-emerge with this solution. Products like Vaast and Lectora Online from Trivantis, the simplicity of easygenerator, and the suite of e-learning tools from domiKnow will allow developers and instructional designers a one-stop hub for their collaborative authoring. In this new digital age, we see this as not only something that will help a lot of e-learning development teams and individuals but as something we are definitely looking forward to.


While this is our Top 3, there are alot more great new things coming to the world of e-learning in 2018. What do you think about our list? What are you looking forward to in the world of e-learning in 2018? We would love to hear from you! Tweet us @InteractiveAdv and tell us what your looking forward to in 2018!


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