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How to Display a Streaming Video in Lectora

Video is becoming a popular way to express learning concepts in e-learning courses. Streaming the video from sources like YouTube and Vimeo helps deal with the challenges of storing and serving up the large video files. Although there are some built-in options in Lectora to handle YouTube videos, incorporating videos from other services like Vimeo are not as obvious. Here are some quick steps you can use to do just that...

Why e-learning interactivity is engaging

What is the value of interactivity in e-learning? It’s not interaction for interaction sake, but interaction that reveals a relatable context that establishes lasting memories, shapes behavior, and drives performance. True engagement means motivation. Adult learners, either consciously or not, choose to engage based on the relevance and the WHY behind the content, the reason that leads to a valued learning experience. My interest in this subject is driven by two factors...

The Cincinnati Cheater

In this blog, Dan Richards tells a story of one of his most memorable experiences while traveling to conduct authoring tool training. This story doubles as a great example of how assessments can be used as motivators for students, even when they don't realize it.

Coaching Analytics for Sales Performance

On October 19, 2015 I'll present an innovative approach to performance improvement for ESMA (Executive Sales and Marketing Association) in Atlanta. For those of you in the Atlanta area, please feel free to attend using the following VIP code: ESMAVIP

For those of you who can't attend in person, check back after the event and I will provide a link to a video of the event.

Here is a description of the session:

Planning an E-Learning Course

Lately, we have kicked off a number of new e-learning courses for clients that are not very familiar with e-learning or instructional design. Often times these clients volunteer lots of their existing learning materials to us immediately and expect us to sift through it and work our magic. While this is somewhat understandable, a different, more direct approach works better in most cases. At IAC, we base our method on Cathy Moore's Action Mapping process.

Articulate Storyline Classes Launched

We have been reviewing Articulate Storyline and have included it in our quiver of development tools. With some practical skills under our belt and a growing list of best practices for production, we felt it was time to add a robust training offering as well. Three IAC classes have now been announced for Articulate Storyline. The Articulate Storyline Essentials class is designed as a solid introduction to the product.

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