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Software Simulation Training

Let’s face it. Sometimes the programs we use at work can be challenging. Often, it is an employee’s knowledge of these programs that can make or break efficiency. Simulation can be a powerful tool in familiarizing your employees with software (in a consequence-free environment) before exposing them to the real-world counterpart.

Advanced Slider Techniques – Panoramic Scrolling and Parallax Effects

Lately (if it wasn’t made apparent in several other blog entries), I’ve been absolutely fascinated with the Slider in Storyline 2. It’s such a simple tool on the surface, but it’s one with tons of potential if you dare to dive deeper.

I mentioned last time that multiple sliders can share the same variable values, and that slider thumbs can be images. How can we push this to another level? What if the slider thumb was a panoramic image?

Interactive Timeline and Slider Bar with Articulate Storyline 2

I was asked to develop an interactive presentation of nursing history in the form of a timeline, each date range presenting various key points in nursing history. Not too long before this request, Storyline 2 had come out, providing a wealth of new triggers and interactive objects to use. Among the new features of this program was the all-new Slider Bar. Immediately, I began exploring the applications of this feature.

Building a Diagnostic Practice for Healthcare Professionals

Here’s an example of a scenario-based training course I made in Storyline 2 recently. This professor wanted something more engaging, something more than just bullet points on a slide. My task was to develop an online activity on patient diagnosis that would expose the learner to realistic patient scenarios, ask them to prescribe a treatment, and allow them to view the outcomes of their decisions.

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