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Boise Paper

Manufacturing and Utilities


Since the founding of Boise-Payette Lumber Company in 1931, Boise has been a proud member of the forest products industry. Under the name Boise Cascade, Boise began manufacturing kraft paper at a brand new mill in Wallula, WA, in 1958. Throughout the following decades, Boise Cascade built and acquired additional paper mills including our current mills in International Falls, MN, and Jackson, AL. Despite an expanding business focus – that at one point grew to include home construction, recreational vehicle production, and even cruise management – the Paper division has always remained a core business. In 2008, Boise Cascade sold the Paper division to an investment firm, which resulted in the formation of Boise Inc. – an organization focused intensely on safe, sustainable manufacturing and meeting customer needs. Our parent company, Packaging Corporation of America (PCA), acquired Boise Inc.’s paper and packaging assets in 2013.  They continue to operate the Paper division with an emphasis on the highest level of customer service and operational excellence. Boise is the fourth-largest producer of packaging in the US.