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Axure RP Training-Advanced

Axure RP Training-Advanced


$495 per person (USD)

Payment must be received at least two days before the class date.


In this one-day Axure advanced training, you’ll learn how to create dynamic, data-driven prototypes with sets of repeating, sortable data that can be filtered and paginated. We’ll cover methods for using conditional and if-then logic to take the interactivity of your prototypes to the next level. You’ll how to create adaptive and responsive designs, build forms with validations, and more.

Class Outline

1. Understanding Widgets

  • Using arithmetic operators
  • Ordering widgets
  • Placing an image widget
  • Selecting widgets
  • Align and distribute widget
  • Group and upgroup widgets
  • Lock and unlock widgets
  • Styling your widgets
  • Creating a reusable style
  • Updating widget style
  • Using SVG files
  • Transforming shapes

2. Annotating

  • Customizing annotation fields
  • Creating annotation sets

3. Interactions

  • Understanding trigger event case action
  • Interactive Buttons
  • Show and hide widgets

4. Page Style

  • Creating and editing masters
  • Type of behavior for master
  • Linking pages
  • Raise events
  • Applying web fonts

5. Dynamic Panels

  • Understanding states in dynamic panels
  • Creating sliders
  • Adding alternative navigations to sliders
  • Making header sticky
  • Understanding outline pane
  • Creating tab navigation

6. Using and Sharing Prototypes

  • Exploring generated prototype options
  • Installing axure rp extention for chrome
  • Generating specific elements
  • Sharing with AxShare

7. Forms, Math, Functions, Expressions and Variables

  • Contact forms
  • Adding name validation
  • Adding email validation
  • Auto tab
  • Adding dynamic panel to forms
  • Beyond text field
  • Submitting contact form
  • Applying math to variable value
  • Using math in shopping cart
  • Loading content as user scroll
  • Adding loaders
  • Advance login structure
  • Adding Login and Logout interaction

8. Inline Widgets

  • Inserting youtube videos
  • Displaying google map

9. Using Repeater

  • Adding data to repeater
  • Styling repeaters
  • Mapping repeater data to columns
  • Sorting repeater data
  • Filtering repeater data
  • Marking rows
  • Deleting rows
  • Adding pagination

10. Shopping Cart with Repeater

  • Dynamically update cart
  • Calculating totals
  • Adding discount to shopping cart

11. Adaptive Views

  • adaptive vs responsive
  • Creating adaptive views
  • Aligning content in adaptive view
  • Parent and child relationship for adaptive view


Virginia: 205 Van Buren Street. Suite 140, Herndon, 20170, United States or Live Online


Day 1: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm EST

Cancellation Policy

Should you need to cancel or reschedule training, click here to view our cancellation policy.


Call or email Leah Mooney for more details: 770-945-9466 Ext: 114 | email

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