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Axure RP Training Classes


Axure RP is an industry leader UX/UI wireframing, prototyping, flowcharting, and documentation tool. Used by software designers to create and style diagrams, add interactivity and notes to diagram pages and elements, and publish finished designs to HTML for viewing via web browser. In combination with our partner, Amananet, we provide two levels of Axure RP classes at Amananet's Virginia location or LIVE online. All classes are instructor led.


Axure RP Training-Introduction

In this one-day training, we’ll get you started with the Axure RP tools and get you comfortable with the interface. You’ll learn how to create prototypes that will help communicate ideas and concepts. You’ll learn effective ways to use widgets and create prototypes that include slideshows, dynamic panels and other content. You’ll also learn how to design responsive components that adapt to any display, how create a responsive style guide and pattern library. Axure RP Pro 7.0. or newer.

Axure RP Training-Advanced

In this one-day Axure advanced training, you’ll learn how to create dynamic, data-driven prototypes with sets of repeating, sortable data that can be filtered and paginated. We’ll cover methods for using conditional and if-then logic to take the interactivity of your prototypes to the next level. You’ll how to create adaptive and responsive designs, build forms with validations, and more.