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About Us

Our Philosophy

We love to teach. Our passion is to design engaging training and teach others how to do the same, and our mission is to drive performance for our clients.

Since 1997, we have designed and taught the latest in e-learning, classroom, and virtual classroom instruction to add measurable value to some of the top organizations in the world. More and more organizations are looking for ways to increase their efficiency and performance with smarter, more integrated training systems. At Interactive Advantage, we seek out emerging trends and innovative technologies to support these initiatives. Our flexible blueprint for success helps organizations select and implement the right tools that transform training into an asset that benefits the whole organization.

What is the interactive advantage?

It’s not interaction for interaction sake, but interaction that reveals a relatable context that establishes lasting memories, shapes behavior, and drives performance. True engagement means motivation. Adult learners, either consciously or not, choose to engage based on the relevance and the WHY behind the content, the reason that leads to a valued learning experience. The interactive advantage extends beyond the learning experience to you, our client. We live the credo “always learning, always teaching” and look forward to sharing our expertise with you.

What we do is in our name!

Our Core Focus

We focus on the learning experience. To us, learning is more than an isolated event - It's a series of meaningful and relevant experiences that make a difference. It's all about motivating the learner to understand WHY they are learning what they are learning, and seeing the results in workplace compliance and performance.