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Accenture was looking for a partner to develop e-learning courseware as well as team management for a project called GFEBS. The GFEBS project is a web-enabled enterprise resource planning system that will allow the U.S. Army to share financial, asset, and accounting data across the Army.


Interactive Advantage developed the e-learning courseware for the GFEBS project as well as aided in the team management of the project. The system standardized transactional inputs and business processes across the Army to enable cost management activities; provide accurate, reliable, and real time data; and tie budget to execution.


Interactive Advantage developed the e-learning for the GFEBS which has ended up being on one the largest enterprise financial systems, managing approximately $140 billion in spending. The GFEBS system is used by more than 79,000 people at more than 200 Army financial centers around the world.


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