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Financial and Insurance


CitiBank was looking for a learning portal that covers their primary regulatory reports which will act as a reference to improve users understandings of the reports and help people in preparing the necessary information for those reports. 


Interactive Advantage created a learning portal which covers Citi’s primary regulatory reports. This is an ongoing reference to improve users understanding of the reports and to help people prepare information that will be included in the reports. Currently Interactive Advantage is planning to migrate the entire Flash based portal into HTML5 format in 2018. 


Interactive Advantage was able to create the learning portal for CitiBank and is currently planning the conversion of the portal from Flash to HTML5.


Citi works tirelessly to provide consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with a broad range of financial services and products. They strive to create the best outcomes for their clients and customers with financial ingenuity that leads to solutions that are simple, creative and responsible.