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Clark County Schools



Clark County Schools needed an asynchronous Sexual Harassment training for all school staff, not just teachers, in Clark County. 


Interactive Advnatge brought in professional photographers and actors to the site and coordinated and conducted a photo shoot that acted as the media material for an interactive and content rich e-learning experience that Interactive Advantage then created. This included knowledge checks, assessment as well as all necessary material to meet and exceed requirements.


The created e-learning experinece satisfied the counties legal requirement to conduct sexual harassment training but did so in a much more impactful way then simply providing facts and rules. The training was more real and relatable which aided in actually achieving behavioral change amongst the countys school employees.


The Clarke County School District is a public school district in Clarke County, Georgia, USA, based in Athens, Georgia. CCSD is the fifth-largest school district in the US. It serves Clarke County, which includes the communities of Athens and Winterville, and part of Bogart.The district operates fourteen elementary schools, four middle schools, and three high schools (one non-traditional).