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Malt-O-Meal had an internal team that was in need of authoring tool training so that they could begin developing e-learning content internally. 


Interactive Advantage provided authoring tool training, consulting and a custom e-learning tracking system so that Malt-O-Meal would know how people were performing on assessments even though they did not have an LMS in place. 


Malt-O-Meal was able to begin developing e-learning coureseware internally using the training conducted by Interactive Advantage. They were also able to track how their people were performing on assessments within the e-learning modules through the custom e-learning tracking system developed by Interactive Advantage.


Malt-O-Meal Company is an American producer of breakfast cereals, based in Northfield , Minnesota. The company was the third-largest manufacturer of cereals in the United States (behind Kellogg's and General Mills)—employing 1,400 people, marketing its products in at least 70% of the country's grocery stores, with estimated sales in 2012 of US $750 million. It operated four manufacturing plants in Northfield, Minnesota, Tremonton, Utah, Asheboro, North Carolina and St. Ansgar, Iowa. The company had distribution centers in Grove City, Ohio; Coppell, Texas; and Salt Lake City, Utah.