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Judith A Hale Ph.D., CPT

Performance Improvement and Evidence-based Certifications

With more than 25 years experience, Dr. Judy Hale is a consultant to public and private sector organizations. Judy is principal at Hale Associates and CEO of The Institute for Performance Improvement. She specializes in the design of evidence-based certifications and the sustainability of major initiatives. Judy is known for her ability to explain complex concepts clearly. She is also known for her practicality and delivering programs and services that produce meaningful results. 

She has written one of the most used texts on performance improvement, the Performance Consultant’s Field Guide, 2nd ED. and the most referenced book on certification, Performance-Based Certification: how to design a valid, defensible, and costs effective program 2nd ED along with many other books related to evaluation and performance. Her latest book, The School Improvement Specialist Field Guide was co-authored by Deb Page.