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Multilingual E-learning Development

We leverage leading technologies and actual human beings to develop multilingual e-learning courses for our clients.

How It Works

We use automated tools to extract the translatable text and other content from your e-learning course files. Our translators are native speakers and can incorporate industry-specific terminology. The results are far better than what can be achieved with software-based translation tools. Once the content is translated, we import the material into a new localized version of your course. Even the interface buttons are translated. Finally, we adjust the layout and make other alterations to ensure the translated lesson is appropriate for the target audience. A careful final review by our experts ensures a polished, correct result.

Why is our way better?


Our process uses DOCX or XML, the preferred formats for dealing with translatable text. This keeps your translation options flexible. Whether you use your own translators or ours, they are able to work using familiar industry-standard programs (no special software needed) to help them translate, saving time, money, and frustration.

Many e-learning tools include an option to export and import text. Our expertise with all of the leading e-learning tools enables us to optimize the process of swapping languages.

There is a lot to developing multilingual courses. We maintain the expertise and tool so you don't have to. This means a complete and professional result with less effort, cost, and hassle for you.